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Selection of busbar for main circuit of high voltage cabinet

Selection of busbar for main circuit of high voltage cabinet


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The rated current of the switchgear is the minimum limit for selecting the busbar. At the same time, it should also be considered that the busbar should withstand the breaking current and dynamic thermal stability current of the main circuit. There is a certain proportional matching relationship between the breaking current of the main circuit and the rated current of the circuit breaker; and the ability of the busbar to withstand dynamic thermal stability is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the rows; therefore, if the spacing of the busbars is selected If it is larger, the cross section of the row can be selected to be smaller. In addition, considering the processability of the overlapping structure of the bus bar in the high-voltage cabinet (for example, the bus bar of the JYN2-10 contact box is 80×10, and the four holes are connected) The structural requirements can be met accordingly to meet the structural requirements. According to the above characteristics, our high-voltage switchgear mother

   The row selection is as follows:

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3.4.1 Selection of main busbar

The main busbar is selected according to the maximum rated current of the circuit breakers in this batch of switchgears (see Table 3)

 Table 3

   Rated current A

 Fixed cabinet

   Hand car cabinet














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3.4.2 Selection of contact row

a. 35Kv circuit breaker cabinet's moving contact selection is LMY-90×10 or TMY-90×10, and the static contact selection is TMY-90×10.

b. For 35Kv non-circuit breaker cabinets, the moving contact selection is angle steel or steel tube; the static contact selection is TMY-90×10

c. Selection of the moving contact row of the 10Kv circuit breaker cabinet, (see Table 4)

          Table 4

    Circuit breaker rated currentA

     Busbar specification







 *    1600~2000


 *    2500~3150


                注:*Represents the rated current of the switchgear, the single action contact row is preferred

c. For the 10Kv non-circuit breaker, the busbar selection is TMY-50×10.

3.4.3 Selection of busbars for non-circuit breaker cabinets

a. The contact box of the handcart cabinet is connected to the main busbar, according to the cross section of the contact box

b. Select the connection row of the other parts of the non-circuit breaker cabinet (select TMY-40×4 or LMY-40×4 for non-handcar use row, LMY-30×3 or TMY-25×3 for handcart use row ).

3.4.4 Selection of circuit breaker support busbar




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