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Substation secondary wiring

Substation secondary wiring

 Primary equipment and primary system

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Primary equipment includes: generators, transformers, circuit breakers, disconnectors, reactors, power cables and busbars, transmission lines, etc.

The circuit composed of these devices connected to each other according to a certain rule is called a primary wiring or a primary system. It is the main body of power generation, transmission and distribution, and power distribution.

 Secondary equipment and secondary system

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The secondary equipment includes monitoring and measuring instruments, control and signaling devices, relay protection devices, automatic devices, and remote control devices. These devices are usually powered by current transformers, voltage transformers, battery packs, or low-voltage power supplies used by the factory.

Circuits that indicate the interconnection of secondary equipment are called secondary wiring or secondary systems.

 Secondary wiring diagram:

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Principle wiring diagram, expanded wiring diagram and installation wiring diagram.

Principle wiring diagram

Principle wiring diagram: It is a secondary wiring diagram used to show the working principle of relay protection, measuring instruments and automatic devices.

Features: The components and equipment in the secondary circuit are expressed in an integrated form, and the interconnected electrical components and connections are drawn on the same picture at the same time, giving people a clear overall concept.

Description: QS-isolating switch, QF-circuit breaker, KA-current relay, KT-time relay, KS-signal relay.   




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