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Double busbar wiring

Double busbar wiring

  There are two sets of bus bars W1, W2. Each circuit is connected to two sets of busbars via a circuit breaker and two sets of isolation switches, and the busbars are connected by a busbar connection circuit breaker QF (referred to as bus coupling).

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Operation mode: the bus coupling QF is disconnected, one group of busbars works, and the other group of busbars is on standby. All the incoming and outgoing wires are connected to the running busbars.

The QF of the bus coupler is disconnected, and the incoming and outgoing lines are connected to two sets of busbars respectively, and the two sets of busbars are split and operated.

The QF of the bus coupler is closed, and the power supply and feeder are evenly distributed between the two sets of busbars.

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Advantages: Overhauling a group of busbars can make the loop power supply uninterrupted; a group of busbars is faulty, and part of the incoming and outgoing lines will be temporarily powered off.

Reliable power supply, flexible scheduling, and easy expansion.

One and a half circuit breaker wiring

 Between the bus bars W1 and W2, there are three circuit breakers connected in series, two circuits, and a return line is drawn between each two circuit breakers, so it is called a half circuit breaker wiring, also known as three-half wiring.

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Features; has high power supply reliability and operational flexibility.

If the bus is faulty, only the circuit breaker connected to this bus will be tripped, and any circuit will not be powered off.

The isolation switch is not used to operate electrical appliances, which reduces the chance of misoperation.

There are more equipments used, more investment, and the configuration of secondary control wiring and relay protection is also more complicated.

Scope of application: ultra-high voltage power distribution devices in large power plants and substations




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