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Wiring diagram of secondary wiring installation in substation

Wiring diagram of secondary wiring installation in substation

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Expanded wiring diagram (expanded diagram for short): used to explain the operation principle of the secondary circuit, which is extremely common in the field.

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Features: Disassemble the relevant equipment parts of each set, and draw the electrical circuit wiring diagram according to the different power supply, such as AC current circuit, AC voltage circuit and DC circuit. Therefore, the current coil, voltage coil and contacts of the same instrument or relay are drawn in different circuits. In order to avoid confusion, the coils and nodes of the same component and equipment are represented by the same text label.

The installation wiring diagram is an indispensable diagram for the manufacturing plant's processing and manufacturing screen (panel) and on-site construction and installation, and is also the main reference diagram for operation test, maintenance and accident handling.

The installation wiring diagram includes the screen layout, the wiring diagram on the back of the screen and the terminal block diagram, which correspond to each other and complement each other.

Screen layout: a diagram illustrating the arrangement of various components and equipment on the screen and the distance between each other, which must be drawn according to a certain scale.

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Wiring diagram on the back of the screen: the diagram necessary for wiring on the screen, which should indicate the connection between the devices on the screen between the terminals on the back of the screen, and the connection between the equipment on the screen and the terminal block.

Terminal block diagram: a diagram showing the number, type and arrangement order of the terminals that need to be installed on the screen and its connection with the equipment outside the screen.




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