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Basic functions of substation integrated automation system

Basic functions of substation integrated automation system

Unit control. The control method adopted by 200MW and above generators. Furnace, machine, and electricity are controlled by unit, with several unit control rooms and a network control room. Each unit control room includes generators or generator-dual-winding transformers, high-voltage factory transformers and backup transformers, and other equipment that requires centralized control. Control three windings and autotransformers, high-voltage bus equipment and high-voltage transmission lines of 110kV and above in the network control room.

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Comprehensive control. With the computer as the core, it also completes the functions of control, monitoring, protection, measurement, adjustment, analysis and calculation, planning and decision-making of power plants and substations to achieve optimal operation. Comprehensive control is an important standard for the highly developed power automation level.

1. Monitoring subsystem. Including analog, switching and electrical energy data collection; event sequence recording SOE; fault recording; fault recording and ranging; operation control function; safety monitoring function; man-machine contact function; printing function; data processing and recording function; harmonic Wave analysis and monitoring.

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2. Microcomputer protection subsystem. Including protection of transformers, transmission lines, capacitor banks, busbars, etc. and single-phase grounding line selection for incompletely grounded systems.

3. Integrated control subsystem for voltage and reactive power. Including microcomputer voltage and reactive power comprehensive control device including compensation capacitor, reactance and on-load voltage regulating transformer.

4. Low frequency load reduction control of power system.

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5. Standby power supply automatic control;

6. Communication of integrated automation systems in substations. Including the communication between the internal field level and the communication between the automation system and the superior dispatch.




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